newbit problem??

Phil Hornung
Thu May 6 15:06:00 GMT 1999

I could use a bit of guidance as a newbie too.  I have a  sun solaris setup.
I got a 0503 snapshot of libgcj and a 0502 of egcs.   The build of egcs
without incident.  The libcgj  got all the way through until the ld of
and it could not find socket, listen, gethostbyname etc.   Using the force,
I then added -lsnl -lsocket to the LIBS in makefiles until it linked up..
Then install went OK.  

I started a simple Hello World program and got a unresolved main...
I found a discussion about --main=  and tried that  - seemed to solve that
mesage. Then I tried a hello world  and had to add a LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
get the
libraries on line.   

So, one more try.  The program compiles but core dumps when run.  No CLASSPATH

What am I missing?   What's the prognosis for AWT, inner classes, etc....

Thanks in advance

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