[Patch libgcj] sgi-mips-irix-6.5 port

Gilles Zunino Gilles.Zunino@hei.fupl.asso.fr
Thu May 6 11:22:00 GMT 1999

Tom Tromey wrote:


> Gilles> libgcj/libjava/boehm.cc:326: implicit declaration of function `int
> Gilles> __lock_release(...)'
> This means that some header in boehm-gc, probably gc_priv.h, is not
> including the Irix header that declares the functions used by the
> UNLOCK macro.

	In fact, __lock_release() is an intrinsic function of
	the SGI C compiler. My attempt to put the prototype from
	the man (a very dirty and quick fix) made the file compile
	but I had a large number of link error.

	Here is the status of my irix port. I noticed that boehm-gc
	(which causes a lot of errors) distributed with libgcj is
	not the latest available (stable) release.
	I decided to download latest version of the garbage collector


	and noticed that almost all things I tried to fix were
	already fixed !! I was able to build the lib for n32 ABI
	but I haven't the time to try it yet.

	Since I replaced almost all the content of the "boehm-gc"
	directory and changed some Makefile.am and configure.in,
	I will not send a patch to the list because it will
	be to large to review and I'm still not sure the if the
	library works fine.

	I'll keep my source tree and as soon as the boehm-gc directory
	is upgrated, I'll then send a patch to make libgcj compile
	under irix.

	I understand that if Cygnus choosed this version, this is
	beacause they have reasons to do so and keeping boehm-gc up to 
	date is a hard work and I do not ask Cygnus to upgrade the gc.
	Upgrading may breaks things that now work.
	If someone is interested in installing the new version
	of boehm-gc I can send all the steps required to upgrade.
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