Trouble installing libgcj on i686-pc-linux-gnu (RedHat 6.0)

Tom Tromey
Thu May 6 10:58:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Sandro" == Sandro Hawke <> writes:

Sandro> I installed RedHat 6.0 (glibc-2.1.1) and today's (May 3) CVS
Sandro> snapshots of egcs and libcgj.  EGCS built okay.  The libgcj
Sandro> died on dtoa.lo, so I made the fix to mprec.h mentioned a days
Sandro> ago.  Then the build continued on to natObject.lo, where I got
Sandro> this:

Did you ever figure this out?

Sandro> /usr/local/build/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-03/i686-pc-linux-gnu/libjava/../../../../src/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-03/libjava/java/lang/ multiple definition of `java::lang::Class virtual table'
Sandro> java/lang/Class.lo(.data+0x7d0):/usr/local/build/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-03/i686-pc-linux-gnu/libjava/../../../../src/libgcj-snapshot-1999-05-03/libjava/java/lang/ first defined here

I seem to recall that this can happen if you accidentally build
Class.h using gcjh.  Did this happen?  You can tell if Class.h appears
in the build (not source) tree.

I also seem to recall that there might have been a bug along these
lines introduced into egcs.  You'd have to check the egcs bug archives
to be sure.

Sandro> Anyway, I'd appreciate any help, either in getting this
Sandro> working or in telling me to just forget about it and check
Sandro> back in a few more months.

I'd rather work it out now.  It works every day for me, and I don't
have a clue how I would reproduce your problems.


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