GCJ and EGCS problem!

David Pettersson dapet@mai.liu.se
Mon May 3 02:02:00 GMT 1999

On Sat, 1 May 1999, Moinak Ghosh wrote:

> Hi,
>    Why is gcj tied to the egcs tree ?  Can't I get just 
> the gcj code separately ?
> I already have gcc 2.8.1 installed and functioning
> perfectly and downloading & installing a huge egcs tree
> is *not* an option for me. Does this mean I am left out
> in the cold !!

As I have done this is to install egcs with gcj in a separate directory.
In this way I have my already tested gcc in one directory and gcj in an
other, the directory with gcj is after the other in the path.
Instead of downloading all at ones you can download just the egcs core,
the g++ and the java piece one at the time. In this way you don't have to
compile parts you don't need. (Hope I havn't missed some part here.)  

> Regards,
> Moinak.


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