class gc

Tom Tromey
Fri Feb 26 15:58:00 GMT 1999

Godmar> Either you'll need to check on the collector side that you
Godmar> don't mark anything you haven't allocated.

This is what we do right now.  That's because the Boehm collector is
smart about this sort of thing, though -- not from any real plan.

Godmar> What do you think?  Is this currently a problem in gcj at all
Godmar> (given that maybe all class objects are in the data segment
Godmar> and hence there may be no need to mark them at all?)

Not all class objects are in the data section.  Classes representing
array objects are allocated on the heap.

Presumably we'll deal with this somehow when we do the next round of
GC work.  I don't know when that will be.

FWIW it's possible that more things will be moved into the data
section.  For instance some arrays could be put there.


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