Current Status

Tom Tromey
Tue Feb 16 20:44:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Jon" == Jon Olson <> writes:

Jon> A really useful addition to gcj, with respect to GC integration,
Jon> would be to implement a configurable `write_barrier' RTL pattern
Jon> inside the .md file.  Just invoke this pattern whenever making an
Jon> assignment to an object reference.

This has always been the plan.  One of Alex's GC papers talks about
doing this.

Jon> I'm doing this myself in my own embedded port of gcj, but it
Jon> would be really nice to have this integrated into mainstream
Jon> code.

I'm curious about your port.  What makes it "embedded"?  In what way
is the current compiler not suitable?  What runtime are you using?

Where are you putting the write barriers?  In the front end?  In the
back end?  (We rely heavily on our Java/C++ integration, so I think
they might be better put further back.)

Do you allow multiple write barrier implementations per target?  If
so, how?

Can you sign papers for the FSF and contribute your code?  Signing
papers is a prerequisite for any major contribution to end up in the
core.  I believe for the compiler you can use the standard FSF
paperwork (for the runtime, I don't know).


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