Current Status

Terry Sikes
Thu Feb 11 18:14:00 GMT 1999

joe wrote:
> Hi I was wondering what the current status of the gcj front end is.
> I look at the the web page every so often but it does not look as though
> it has been changed since it was put up last year.
> Is gcj now at a stage where it can be used for anything [I would most
> likely be wanting to use it for cgi style applications rather than gui
> type] or is it currently still something that may be of use sometime in
> the future.
> thanks in advance
> Joe.

I agree Joe.  Something should be done to raise the visibility of gcj
in general, it seems to me.  It potentially addresses a very weak
point of Java in many problem domains.  I just looked over the only
Web material I'm familiar with (the Cygnus Java Solutions link), and
its actually quite vague in a few areas.  It appears that gcj has
essentially been rolled into egcs, and is now just a part of that
project?  Looking around the Cygnus site (both for gcj and egcs) I
can't find any real documentation except the egcs FAQ.  The FAQ has
no indication of when it was last updated (this should be fixed).
It also doesn't mention gcj.

One question I have about gcj is how well modularized and documented
is the GC implementation?  Will it be easy for third parties to
implement different GC subsystems?

I'm running Red Hat 5.2, is gcj included with the egcs 1.0.3 release?
I tried running gjavac, but nothing found (egcs is in my path).  On RH
5.2, "man egcs" pulls up the gcc man page.  Is there egcs specific
documentation anywhere?

Sorry about all the questions, but the posts today reminded me I'd put
this off too long...  :-)



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