Current Status

Tom Tromey
Thu Feb 11 15:23:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "joe" == joe  <> writes:

joe> Hi I was wondering what the current status of the gcj front end
joe> is.  I look at the the web page every so often but it does not
joe> look as though it has been changed since it was put up last year.

The web page hasn't really changed to my knowledge.  However, work
proceeds on gcj itself.  In order to see this, take a look at the cvs
repository (there might be a cvsweb setup that you could look at, but
offhand I don't know where it would be).

joe> Is gcj now at a stage where it can be used for anything [I would
joe> most likely be wanting to use it for cgi style applications
joe> rather than gui type] or is it currently still something that may
joe> be of use sometime in the future.

We still haven't released the runtime, so gcj isn't directly usable as
a native code compiler.

You can use gcj to generate bytecodes using the `-C' option.  Of
course, you still need a runtime, so this probably isn't all that
interesting.  You could use gcj to compile and then use Sun's runtime,
I suppose.  I don't remember ever trying this myself.


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