egcs code works!

Geetha Manjunath
Thu Dec 24 04:32:00 GMT 1998

Hello All,

Here is an update on usage of egcs compiler in embedded space.

We have been able to successfully integrate the egcs output with our
Java Virtual machine.  We have also executed a benchmark on an embedded
platform to obtain fantastic results!

Three cheers to egcs compiler ! and our team :)

Here is what we did:
1. Downloaded egcs compiler source, cross compiled it for the target
embedded hardware on HPUX.
2. Using this cross compiler, compiled the Embedded Caffeine Mark
classes to native code.
3. Provided the required interfaces to the JVM. - Had to modify quite a
lot in the egcs source too since our JVM has some special class loaders
and different format for class meta data.
4. Executed the Embedded Caffeine Mark with and without native compiled

The Embeddded Caffeine Mark numbers are as follows:
Without native classes : 2
With egcs compiled native classes: 57

Overhead due to 15 unused classes (due to pre-linked classes that are
not dynamically loaded, such as Exception classes) was a little less an
10K bytes

This is FYI only.



PS: I will not be able to respond to my mails till 4 Jan 99 (due to Christmas shutdown).

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