Terry Sikes
Wed Dec 9 10:45:00 GMT 1998

Thanks for all the informative responses.  I'm glad to hear that
things are moving forward!

Now for more questions...  :-)

>Frank> I've posted this before, but I'll do it again as a reminder.
>Frank> There are probably quite a few of us out here that have java
>Frank> apps without a gui of any kind, specifically servlets that will
>Frank> benefit BIG TIME from the work you guys are doing. And a lot of
>Frank> the classes do not need to be there since it is a servlet. Just
>Frank> a friendly reminder...
> This is the group who will benefit most directly from the initial net
> release, since we don't have AWT or Swing.

>From the sound of things you're planning on implementing GUI support
at some point(?).  Is there a web page outlining your implementation
plans and timelines in more detail than "Cygnus Implementation Plans
for the Java(TM) Platform"?  I looked around but didn't find
anything...  I'm particularly interested in Swing support on Linux.
Wouldn't it be possible to bypass much of the AWT implementation if
the approach was to get Swing running first (no native peers)?  What
is the status of JDK 1.2 support in general?

What GC approach are you taking?  Have you considered implementing
"pluggable" GC?



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