[Bug java/60261] [4.9 Regression] Weird java install with --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs

rguenth at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Feb 18 11:18:00 GMT 2014


Richard Biener <rguenth at gcc dot gnu.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |sandra at codesourcery dot com
   Target Milestone|---                         |4.9.0

--- Comment #1 from Richard Biener <rguenth at gcc dot gnu.org> ---

2013-05-22  Mark Mitchell  <mark@codesourcery.com>
            Sandra Loosemore  <sandra@codesourcery.com>

        * configure.ac (dbexecdir): Base on $(toolexeclibdir), not
        * Makefile.am (pkgconfigdir): Likewise.
        * configure: Regenerated.
        * Makefile.in: Regenerated.
        * gcj/Makefile.in: Regenerated.
        * include/Makefile.in: Regenerated.
        * testsuite/Makefile.in: Regenerated.

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