[Bug java/49077] gcjwebplugin.cc doesn't compile against latest xulrunner 2.0 (firefox-3.6) sdk

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Fri May 20 13:53:00 GMT 2011


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--- Comment #7 from Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member dot fsf.org> 2011-05-20 13:34:43 UTC ---
gcjwebplugin in gcj/Classpath is dead.  I actually suggested it be removed some
time ago, but there was resistance to doing so.  Current development on a Free
Software browser plugin takes place in the IcedTea-Web project, but this
currently supports only IcedTea as the JDK.  I'd like to see it eventually
support gcj too, but it would need work on both sides for this to happen.

As to your comment about a JDK being irrelevant without applet support, I think
most enterprise JDK users would take issue with this; there is plenty of use
for a JDK besides running applets.  OpenJDK itself (as provided by Oracle)
doesn't have applet support, hence the need for the IcedTea-Web project to
provide a Free implementation.

BTW, regarding the subject, isn't xulrunner 2.0 firefox 4.0, not 3.6?

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