[Bug java/33018] Not able to get past this error

andreast at gcc dot gnu dot org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Aug 8 20:56:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #4 from andreast at gcc dot gnu dot org  2007-08-08 20:56 -------
and please answer the question from pinskia, how did you configure GCC.

Here on my linuxbox it looks like this:

Configured with: /export/home/tobleran/devel/gcc/head/gcc/configure
--prefix=/export/home/tobleran/devel/gcc/head/testbin --enable-shared

Note the absolute path for configure. And the builddir is not allowed to be the
same as the source dir.

gcc <sourcedir> where the gcc source resides
objdir <builddir> where you build the compiler chain
testbin <testinstall> where you might install your built chain.



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