[Bug java/32836] infinite loop (SIGSEGV) in java::lang::Throwable::fillInStackTrace

artem at bizlink dot ru gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Jul 20 11:28:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #3 from artem at bizlink dot ru  2007-07-20 11:27 -------
To clarify:
this is a buffer overflow, catched by the GCJ SIGSEGV handler.
GCJ then tries to build a strack trace, but stack is obviously broken.
Still, it's not pretty that GCJ goes into an infinite loop via SIGSEGV handler,
and then into stack overflow, so I think it would be good if that infinite loop
condition can be detected somehow (for example, by traversing the intact part
of the stack trace we can easily see that we are already invoked from the
SIGSEGV handler twice or more!).



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