[Bug libgcj/27823] Found a problem with the JNI methods declared and implemented

bass at 2ka dot mipt dot ru gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Jul 20 00:25:00 GMT 2006

------- Comment #9 from bass at 2ka dot mipt dot ru  2006-07-20 00:25 -------
I was having a problem related to this one while building gcc on
pentium3-pc-linux-gnu, but I'm not sure whether I should file a separate bug.

Host compiler was gcc-3.4.6, and I passed the ``--enable-regen-headers'' option
to the topmost configure script. Unfortunately, host gcjh (v3.4.6) instead of
bootstrapped one was invoked to regenerate JNI headers, and, buggy as it was,
produced incorrect output, which prevented further builds with ``--enable-jni''

I consider it a bug, and one of the three posible resolutions should be

1) ``--enable-regen-headers'' option passed to the topmost configure script
should be blocked/disabled/whatever; or

2) ``--enable-regen-headers'' option should not be accepted unless host gcjh is
``modern'' enough (say, 4.0.0); or

3) if configure script is passed the ``--enable-regen-headers'' option, headers
should be regenerated using bootstrapped gcjh, not host one.


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