[Bug java/1427] gcj should generate N_MAIN stab or DW_AT_entry_point dwarf2 debug info

woodzltc at sources dot redhat dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Aug 9 04:11:00 GMT 2005

------- Additional Comments From woodzltc at sources dot redhat dot com  2005-08-09 04:11 -------
OK. I had some time and would like to have a look into this, and I found 
something inconsistent. My founding is listed below, wishing that it can help 
clarify the situation a little:  
1. Someone mentioned DW_AT_entry_point in above comments. It should be a typo 
IMHO.  In DWARF standard, there is no such an attribute named 
DW_AT_entry_point, but there does exist a tag named DW_TAG_entry_point. 
2. Seen from the DWARF standard, DW_TAG_entry_point doesn't live to act as 
what was supposed to do.  Section-3.3 of DWARF-3 standard (Subroutine and 
Entry Point Entries) says: 
DW_TAG_entry_point	A Fortran alternate entry point 
Although I am not very sure about what it means by "alternate entry point".  
But I believe that it is not to represent the entry point in the final 
3. I had a browsing over the DWARF standard, didn't found anything that is the 
same as N_MAIN in stabs.  Maybe we can suggest DWARF to add such a tag?  Any 
- Wu Zhou 



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