[Bug java/15377] GCJ does not use the good package for imported classes

nmoyere at calendra dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue May 11 15:57:00 GMT 2004

------- Additional Comments From nmoyere at calendra dot com  2004-05-11 15:57 -------
I have done the same test with gcc 3.4.0 under windows XP.

To reproduce the bug with the example,
1) unzip test.tgz somewhere
2) get the jakarta ant (at least version 1.4) from Apache Jakarta.
3) if you are under unix, start the compil.sh from the "test" directory
   if you are under windows, start a dos prompt and cd to the "test" directory
and launch
   gcj -d classes -classpath <jakarta ant lib>/ant.jar -g1 -C @javafiles

gcj will display:
error: Class `com.ca
endra.swing.components.multipledata.action.MoveUpMultipleDataAction' doesn't
define the abstract method `java.lang.String com.calen
ra.logs.AbstractAction.getActionName()' from class
`com.calendra.logs.AbstractAction'. This method must be defined or class `com.ca
endra.swing.components.multipledata.action.MoveUpMultipleDataAction' must be
declared abstract.
   public class MoveUpMultipleDataAction extends AbstractMultipleDataAction {
1 error

If you try to remove the first line of the "javafiles" file and start again gcj,
the compilation will succeed.



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