gcj/355: gcj: command not found (during make)

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm@appnet.com
Wed Oct 11 08:00:00 GMT 2000

The following reply was made to PR gcj/355; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Jeff Sturm <jeff.sturm@appnet.com>
To: mech20@home.com
Cc: java-gnats@sourceware.cygnus.com
Subject: Re: gcj/355: gcj: command not found (during make)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 11:01:01 -0400

 Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:
 >  Long answer: I think I see what's wrong. You haven't built gcc yet
 >  (you have a gcc installed on your system, but it most likely doesn't
 >  feature gcj.) So first, get the gcc source tree (you could start by
 >  downloading a snapshot: http://gcc.gnu.org/snapshots.html ), build and
 >  install it ( http://gcc.gnu.org/install/index.html ), tell your system
 >  where gcj should be found (that is where you specified things should
 >  be installed during the configuration of gcc, suffixed by bin -- if
 >  you specified --prefix=<something> as an argument to `configure' then
 >  gcj will be install under <something>/bin after you did a `make
 >  install') by adjusting and properly exporting PATH and then you can
 >  configure and build libgcj, gcj will be picked up when needed if your
 >  PATH is right. As a sanity check, try `which gcj' first before
 >  configuring and building libgcj.
 And the gcj frontend must be configured when you build gcc (obviously).  The
 following will usually work:
 ../configure --prefix=... --enable-languages=c++,java --enable-threads
 Make sure ${prefix}/bin is in your PATH before any other gcc (usually
 /usr/bin/gcc).  Try a "which gcc" or "gcc --version" to make sure you are
 getting the right version.  (This has bitten me a few times.)
 Jeff Sturm

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