[Java PATCH] Generate declarations in jvgenmain.c

Tom Tromey tom@tromey.com
Tue Oct 7 16:03:00 GMT 2014

>>>>> "Marek" == Marek Polacek <polacek@redhat.com> writes:

Marek> [CCing java-patches now]
Marek> Java testsuite breaks with -std=gnu11 as a default and/or with 
Marek> -Wimplicit-function-declaration on

I don't recall how one gets warnings when compiling this generated code,
but if it is generally possible then I think this:

Marek> +  if (indirect)
Marek> +    fprintf (stream, "extern void JvRunMainName ();\n");
Marek> +  else
Marek> +    fprintf (stream, "extern void JvRunMain ();\n");

... will fail with -Wstrict-prototypes, since in C those should
read "(void)" rather than "()".

If it's not possible then no big deal.


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