Hi! I am Rosette...

Rosette Quincy bethany1123kni@yahoo.com
Fri Sep 14 01:23:00 GMT 2012

Firstly, I will explain how I found you. I was just exploring sites and accidentlycame across your photos and I thought that it is there is nothing wrong cuz people should get to know each other somehow, right?)
So my name is Rosette and I hope you will write me back and tell me your name.)
As I am the first one to write then I'll tell you a little bit about myself. So, I'm very interesting girl and I'm a person who really enjoys travelling SOOO MUCH that I even ready to take a walk around the whole world until the verymoment when I'll meet a man who I'd fall in love with and stay with him forever. Dreaming is not prohibited, right?) Yeah, you might think that it sounds like castles in the air, but I wish it is possible.) Alright, also I love meeting new interesting people who may tell me lots of interesting stories which they had gone through.
Anyway, what kind of man are you? You r attractive, I know it for sure.) What are u interesting in? Please, do not ignore me and tell me about yourself.)
I the perfect time to write me back is... maybe... on the next day?))
I am really excited about your answer. Please, write me back.
See ya

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