[PATCH] win64 support for libffi (2/2)

Timothy Wall twalljava@dev.java.net
Fri May 22 14:42:00 GMT 2009

On May 22, 2009, at 10:04 AM, Dave Korn wrote:

>  Thanks, under way.  I think I have to duplicate out the function  
> tail-end
> code that the current upstream version shares with _ffi_closure_SYSV  
> (from
> .Lcls_return_result on) because as far as I've been able to figure  
> out so far,
> we can't represent shared/overlapping ranges like this in FDEs.   
> It's not a
> huge amount of code, but if you do happen to know a way to do it,  
> please send
> me a pointer, or confirm that it's still OK with the code duplication.

I notice now that the STDCALL version only differs from the SYSV code  
by a different offset in only one instruction, since the trampoline  
has to do a call instead of a jmp in order to have control over the  
"ret" instruction.

oh well, it's not like that code is likely to change anytime soon.


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