Pointer Plus Patch

Tobias Schlüter Tobias.Schlueter@physik.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Jun 13 10:12:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Pinski wrote:
> *** 2292,2297 ****
> --- 2293,2304 ----
>   not matter.  The type of the operands and that of the result are
>   always of @code{BOOLEAN_TYPE} or @code{INTEGER_TYPE}.
> + This node represents pointer arithmetic.  The first operand is always
> + a pointer/reference type.  The second operand is always an unsigned
> + integer type compatiable with sizetype.  This is the only binary


> + arthemetic operand that can operate on pointer types.


The Fortran parts are ok.  As for the ChangeLog, I'd prefer to have it 
merged into the main ChangeLog.  That makes it easier to grep for stuff, 
especially in a few years when noone remembers which branches stuff may 
come from.  Keeping separate ChangeLog files for all branches would also 
lead to a wide variety of ChangeLog.* files that just lie around and 
serve no purpose.

- Tobi

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