RFA: Currency and DecimalFormatSymbols fix

Tania Bento tbento@redhat.com
Mon Apr 2 19:52:00 GMT 2007


This patch allows Currency to handle the special case of erroneous
currency that Sun seems to handle:  If the locale does not have an
associated Currency instance, the currency will be set to "XXX".  This
case is already handled in GNU Classpath.  In essence, this patch is a
merge of the Currency and DecimalFormatSymbols classes.

I have run the testsuite (with make check in libjava/testsuite) and all
tests are passing.

Can someone kindly comment on and/or approve this patch?


2007-04-02  Tania Bento  <tbento@redhat.com>

        * java/text/DecimalFormatSymbols.java: Added the year 2007 to
        Copyright information and introduced new variable, currency.
        (DecimalFormatSymbols(Locale)): Define currency and
        to "XXX", currencySymbol to "?" and localCurrency appropriately.
        (getCurrency): Fixed documentation and return the value of
        (setCurrency): Fixed documentation and update the value of
        (setInternationalCurrencySymbol): Fixed documentation and update
        value of currency.
        * java/util/Currency.java: Introduced two new variables,
        and fractionDigits. In the static block, a properties object is
        created and the currency resource is loaded.
        (Currency(Locale)): fractionDigits is defined.
        (Currency(String)): New method.
        (getDefaultFractionDigits): Return the value of fractionDigits.
        (getInstance(String)): Check if String is equal to "XXX".

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