[RFA/JDWP] Event basics

Keith Seitz keiths@redhat.com
Wed Jun 22 17:50:00 GMT 2005


Okay, while I'm waiting on more difficult patches to be reviewed (more)
and approved, I thought I would toss out some easier ones.

This is the beginning of the package gnu.classpath.jdwp.event and
event.filter. These two base classes (okay, one of them is an interface)
lay the foundation for event notifications in the VM.

Events are requested by the debugger. All event notifications from the
VM to the back-end are supplied by event-specific classes. The Event
class in the patch is a base class for common event-related functions.

The debugger may specify that it is to be notified of certain events in
a specific thread, in a specific class, or any number of other criteria.

In the back-end, I have implemented this as filtering. So there are
filters for Threads, Classes, and so on. The interface IEventFilter
describes the basic operations of all filters.


2005-06-22  Keith Seitz  <keiths@redhat.com>

	* gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/Event.java: New file.
	* gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/filters/IEventFilter.java: New file.

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