[RFA] gnu.gcj.jdwp.transport: packet classes

Keith Seitz keiths@redhat.com
Sat May 28 08:31:00 GMT 2005


So, to start simple, here are three classes to deal with constructing

JDWP has two packet types: command packets and reply packets. The
debugger sends (only) command packets to the vm. Each packet has its own
packet id.

When a reply is sent from the VM, the reply packet must use the same id
as the corresponding command packet.

Other than that, I don't think there is anything too confusing about
this. A nice and easy one to start. :-)

[Yes, I do have unit tests for this. Someone will send testsuite patches


2005-05-27  Keith Seitz  <keiths@redhat.com>

        * gnu/gcj/jdwp/transport/JdwpPacket.java: New file.
        * gnu/gcj/jdwp/transport/JdwpCommandPacket.java: New file.
        * gnu/gcj/jdwp/transport/JdwpReplyPacket.java: New file.

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