Clean up libjava ChangeLog files

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed May 4 17:49:00 GMT 2005

Here is a minor patch to clean up the libjava ChangeLog files.

This patch does the following:

* Moves the 2004 ChangeLog entries from ChangeLog into the new file

* Moves the 2000 ChangeLog entries from ChangeLog-2001 into the new
  file ChangeLog-2000.

* Moves the 1998 ChangeLog entries from ChangeLog-1999 into the new
  file ChangeLog-1998 (1998 appears to be the beginning of time for
  ChangeLog entries, although it is clear from the contents of the
  entries that the files already existed at that time).

* Changes on ChangeLog entry from 2002-12-22 to 2003-01-03 based on
  the CVS log.

* Corrects some obvious typos where the wrong year was used in a
  ChangeLog entry.

OK for mainline?


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