RFC: Stop using accross.m4

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Wed May 4 07:40:00 GMT 2005

Hi Kelley,

> HOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN was only directly modified by m32r.  I'm 95% sure 
> this was due to an incorrect merge for adding m32r linux support as zack 
> had previously deleted all references to this macro in 2001 and in fact 
> deleted the xm-m32r file.  Nick restored this definition back into 
> m32r.h and then undefines it for linux.  I deleted the 
> HOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN define/undef out of both of them.

Yes, this was a mistake on my part - sorry.

  > In fact, looking back at it the restored version 1.8 of xm-m32r.h is
> (sans whitespace) the exact same as version 1.1. So, I'm positive that 
> both xm-m32r.h and xm-linux.h should just be deleted.



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