patch to emit debug into emitted classes

Ranjit Mathew
Thu Apr 7 06:37:00 GMT 2005

On Apr 7, 2005 11:27 AM, Bryce McKinlay <> wrote:
> >For the verifier, I guess we can resurrect the
> >"-fnew-verifier" flag on the 4.0 branch (and, dare
> >I say, make it the default).
> >
> This one I'm not really so worried about - anyone who's doing serious
> bytecode->native compilation ought to be using the BC-ABI anyway, which
> will always use the new verifier. I think porting the patch over would
> be pretty harmless, though, so we can do that if aph approves.

The "Binary Compatibility ABI" seems like a misnomer
for what has been implemented then. I mean, as a lay
developer if I just want to create a native executable
of my Java program (potentially depending on
classes external to my program and the JRE) and
am not worried about binary compatibility, I should
just be able to say:

  gcj -o foo foo.jar bar.jar --main=foo.Bar

I do not care if "bar.jar" is later changed by
upstream - I just want to have a self-contained
executable "foo" representing my Java application
in a native format.

In this case, without the new verifier I'll
stumble far more often than I would


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