[patch] fix pr16923 for darwin

Andreas Tobler toa@pop.agri.ch
Wed Mar 9 18:51:00 GMT 2005

Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>"Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <toa@pop.agri.ch> writes:
> Andreas> this one fixes the PR16923 for darwin. The linker is a
> Andreas> chatterbox and we get some unresolved.
> Andreas> ok for main?
> This looks basically fine...
> I see we have 3 ways of doing this:
>     if { [string match "powerpc-*-darwin*" $target_triplet] } {
> 	if { [istarget "*-*-darwin*"] } {
> Andreas> +  if { [ regexp {powerpc-apple-darwin} $host_triplet] } {
> How about we just pick one and use it everywhere?
> Or maybe even add a helper proc of some kind to set this up?

Does this look better ?

Tested on main.


2005-03-09  Andreas Tobler  <a.tobler@schweiz.ch>

	* testsuite/lib/libjava.exp (libjava_init): Use the same target
	check for Darwin.
	(libjava_arguments): Likewise.
	* testsuite/libjava.jni/jni.exp (gcj_jni_compile_c_to_so): Likewise.
	(gcj_jni_test_one): Likewise.
	(gcj_jni_invocation_compile_c_to_binary): Likewise.
	Add flags to keep the Darwin linker quiet.
	(gcj_jni_invocation_test_one): Use the same target check for Darwin.
	Add -liconv for Darwin.
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