Patch: RFA: allow default .db for libgcj

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Mar 9 16:18:00 GMT 2005

Ranjit Mathew wrote:

>Bryce McKinlay wrote:
>>I think it would be better to define a default here. Although the .db 
>>stuff is still experimental, it improves ease-of-use to not have to 
>>worry about the location of this file. This location will need to be 
>>version-specific, however, since the libraries may also be version 
>>specific, and the db format could change in future releases.
>>The question remains of where this file should actually go, however. 
>><install prefix>/share/gcj/<version>/classmap.db ?
>>/var/cache/gcj/<version>/classmap.db ?
>In a normal multi-user environment, this is very
>likely to be un-writable by ordinary users.
>Would it make sense for --enable-libgcj-database
>to be able to take in something like
>"~/.gcj/classmap.db"? Here *gij* (and not the shell)
>interprets the "~" to be the current user's $HOME.

I think its better for it to be global, since the typical use-case is 
for applications to be installed system-wide, and this way every user 
doesn't have to rebuild their own .db. You can think of it as being a 
Java equivalent to - most .so's are installed systemwide. 
Obviously, it also needs to be possible for users to use their own 
user-local .so's without having to register them in the .db. We havn't 
figured out exactly how that will work yet, but in the mean time, you 
can always override the location if neccessary.


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