Patch: FYI: Logger -vs- stack trace

Mark Wielaard
Mon Feb 21 18:08:00 GMT 2005


On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 10:31 -0700, Tom Tromey wrote:
> This changes java.util.logging.Logger to use a native method to get
> caller stack frame information.  This is more efficient.

I don't like this very much. It adds a divergence with GNU Classpath
that imho should be handled more elegantly. Could we do this in a
runtime neutral way by delegating to a package local final class
VMLogger which has a method getCallerStackFrame()?

This is how it is done in most other parts of the core libraries that
are shared with GNU Classpath and makes it clear which classes/methods
are runtime specific and which are not. That way we can also provide the
original reference implementation in GNU Classpath by default and let
each runtime override the VMLogger class explicitly if they want to gain

> With this patch in place, I can start up a gcj-compiled jonas in a
> reasonable amount of time with no libgcj hacks.  (Some minor jonas
> hacks are still required, eg making sure jacorb is available.)

Nice. What parts of jacorb are needed?


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