Patch: libgcj NEWS

Bryce McKinlay
Sat Feb 19 05:16:00 GMT 2005

Nice, but does anybody read this file? Its missing a lot of stuff and I 
think we were planning to remove it. These items should really be on the 
release notes page, here:



Anthony Green wrote:

>We don't have any NEWS for 4.0 yet.  After some IRCing with tromey and
>mjw, we decided to start with the GNU Classpath NEWS since GCC 3.4 days.
>Here it is, with some of the obvious items removed and sorted roughly by
>package or area of interest.   I know almost nothing about the SWING/AWT
>activity, so hopefully somebody will fix all this up.  There are
>certainly problems with the rest of it as well.  About the only good
>thing about it is that it's a start :-)   I'm checking it in.
>2005-02-18  Anthony Green  <>
>	* NEWS: Draft of libgcj NEWS for 4.0.

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