Patch: GregorianCalendar returns bad values from getMinimum().

Bryce McKinlay
Sun Feb 6 20:28:00 GMT 2005

On 6-Feb-05, at 9:11 AM, Sven de Marothy wrote:

> Yes, I included David's fix in my most recent patch. But in the context
> of how much was and is broken with GregorianCalendar, it's a minor bug.
> I don't see why you're discussing this. You should merge in the
> Classpath versions of these classes ASAP and perhaps close some of 
> those
> related Bugzilla bugs.


>>> There are a few changes in Classpath that are not reflected in 
>>> libgcj,
>>> however I wouldn't call it a rewrite. Someone has gone and rather
>>> gratuitously reformatted a bunch of code and created a lot of diffs, 
>>> but
>>> there's only a few significant code changes.
> Well, my only comment is that I feel the changes were significant. The
> old code was broken in nearly every way. There were also what appear to
> be ad-hoc 'fixes' introduced into the code, which didn't really fix
> things.

Sure, I apologise - I didn't mean to suggest that these wern't good and 
significant fixes! Just that Michael had suggested that the classes had 
been "rewritten" which could imply a lot more merging work than really 



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