GNU Jaxp patch

Mark Wielaard
Fri Jan 28 23:54:00 GMT 2005


On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 16:07 -0700, Tom Tromey wrote:
> This patch adds GNU Jaxp to libgcj.  It upgrades the the SAX and w3c
> code.

Nice. Thanks for doing this.

> It also removes lib-org-w3c-dom, lib-org-ietf-jgss, and
> lib-org-xml-sax, rolling them into libgcj.  As I mentioned in my post
> on the main list, it apparently is not possible to override these
> classes without special class loader trickery anyway.

But you should handle them (org.w3c and org.xml) like it is done in GNU
Classpath. Since they are not maintained as part of GNU Classpath/libgcj
they should be in their own directory with a README explaining they are
not part of GNU Classpath/libgcj, but are used and distributed for
convenience with it. (See the GNU Maintainer Guidelines Sec. 4.6
External Libraries). This is already done this way in GNU Classpath
which has a separate directory external for these kind of packages. It
holds the correct READMEs which this patch is missing. Please follow
this setup. It also makes updating upstream sources and syncing between
GNU Classpath/libgcj easier.

> Meanwhile: I didn't want to solve this problem immediately, the xmlj
> code is optional anyway (the same task being performed by a different
> provider already in the java code), and it apparently requires a
> pretty new version of xslt which, I'm told, is not universally
> available yet.

Yes, the libxml2/xslt needed by libxmlj is the very latest released
version which isn't in any (stable) distribution yet. In GNU Classpath
it is disabled by default and needs to be explicitly turned on by
configuring with --enable-xmlj. (See also the doc/README.jaxp in GNU
Classpath for instructions how to switch during runtime between the
different implementations).


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