GNU Jaxp patch

Tom Tromey
Fri Jan 28 23:09:00 GMT 2005

This patch adds GNU Jaxp to libgcj.  It upgrades the the SAX and w3c

It also removes lib-org-w3c-dom, lib-org-ietf-jgss, and
lib-org-xml-sax, rolling them into libgcj.  As I mentioned in my post
on the main list, it apparently is not possible to override these
classes without special class loader trickery anyway.

I'm not checking this in instantly out :-/.  I wanted to give people a
chance to digest its fearsome immensity before doing so.

I'm able to run Eclipse using this patch, without need any special
LD_PRELOAD hackery.  This, and the fact that other applications also
rely on this functionality, is the primary justification for this

I did not include the native xmlj bits and the corresponding java code
to use them.  While this code is quite good, there is one issue
revolving around pointer wrapping and the fact that Classpath chose a
similar name ("gnu.classpath.RawData") for a class with a fundamental
difference from our RawData.  I'll bring this up on the Classpath

Meanwhile: I didn't want to solve this problem immediately, the xmlj
code is optional anyway (the same task being performed by a different
provider already in the java code), and it apparently requires a
pretty new version of xslt which, I'm told, is not universally
available yet.

I ran through a number of tests with Eclipse: start up, switching
perspectives, editing things, and using cvs (hardly exhaustive but
ordinarily sufficient to break something).  The only xml-related bug
that I found was fixed by Chris Burdess.  That fix is in Classpath and
is included below.

I didn't write the ChangeLog entry yet.  It too will be enormous.


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