[PATCH] [MinGW]: Reset/Ignore Thread Interruption for Plain[Datagram]SocketImpl

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Mon Dec 15 15:49:00 GMT 2003

>> >I dont know enough about the threading stuff. I would like if Tom or
>> >Bryce or Andrew can approve such type of changes. The other (case
>> >changing) things are okay.
>> This is a Win32-specific patch, so I think that Tom empowered me to
>Ah, now I see, I commited the SocketTimeoutException stuff to the Posix
>part and we/you forgot it for the Win32 stuff until now.

Um, we're getting our patches confused here:

- the SocketTimeoutException is my POSIX patch. In natPlainDatagramSocketImplWin32,
  I changed these from InterruptedIOExceptions to SocketTimeoutExceptions long
  time ago with my cleanup/networking patch, but POSIX is still incorrect and needs
  to be fixed.

  May I commit this?:


- the interruptible Selector.select() patch for Win32:


  I'm okay with this, but wanted to leave it on the list because Tom
  sometimes catches formatting standards snafus and sometimes
  makes insightful comments on the Win32 code.

- the reset/ignore thread interrupt status patch for Win32:


My plan was to commit the latter two after letting them sit on the list
for a couple of days, but I need someone else's approval before
committing the first one.

-- Mohan

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