libltdl update

Tom Tromey
Tue Dec 9 18:46:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Koch <> writes:

Michael> I updated libjava/libltdl to libltdl from libtool 1.5.0. This
Michael> fixes PR libgcj/13056. I have found no regression yet with
Michael> this patch. Others (namely Andreas Tobler, Thomas Fitzsimmons
Michael> and Mohan Embar) have pre-tested this patch too and found
Michael> nothing critical. Andreas found one issue on PowerPC and
Michael> provided a little patch which is included.

A few comments about this.

First, we have a history of "cvs import"ing libltdl.  I'd prefer it if
we kept doing this, as this makes it easier for us to see what changes
we have relative to the upstream libltdl.  Especially as this import
has a local patch.

Once it is imported and merged back to the trunk, we can apply
Andreas' patch in a separate commit.  Are there other local changes in
this patch?

What platforms was this tested on?

I notice that one of our local changes no longer appears -- ltdl.c no
longer includes <gc.h>.  What's the story there?  (An import will
detect these sorts of things...)

If you've never done an import, send me email and I can walk you
through it.  I'd like to understand the other issues first though.


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