Patch: image loading fixes

Tom Tromey
Fri Nov 7 20:09:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Tom" == Thomas Fitzsimmons <> writes:

Tom> This patch fixes various problems related to image loading.  It also
Tom> implements Component.imageUpdate, GtkToolkit.prepareImage and the
Tom> byte-array GtkToolkit.createImage method.

Looks good.

Tom> -    // FIXME - gcj local: GdkPixbufDecoder doesn't work.
Tom> -    // return new GtkImage (new GdkPixbufDecoder (filename), null);
Tom> -    return null;
Tom> +    return new GtkImage (new GdkPixbufDecoder (filename), null);

I don't remember why I commented out this code in libgcj, other than
what the comment says.  I assume it is ok to enable now?

Tom> +    boolean incrementalDraw = Boolean.getBoolean ("awt.image.incrementalDraw");
Tom> +    Long redrawRate = Long.getLong ("awt.image.redrawrate");

Should these be computed once, at class init time?
Or do we want to recompute them each time this method is called?

Also, I forget where and how we're documenting properties we
recognize.  I know this has come up before though.  These two should
at least be mentioned in the javadoc for the method.


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