How should I test my patches?

Andrew Haley
Thu Jun 12 17:49:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar writes:
 > Hi Andrew,
 > > > How should I best test my stuff? My handcoded tests?
 > > > The real testsuites? Both? Thanks for educating me.
 > >
 > >Have you not been able to run "make check"?
 > This would imply a self-hosted build, which we haven't been
 > doing 'til now, unless I run this under Wine, which I have mixed
 > feelings about.
 > However, I'm coincidentally playing with a self-hosted MingW
 > build at the moment, so I'll type this in and brace myself for
 > the debacle....

Ah, I get your problem.  Well, it is possible to do a "make check"
from another machine but it's very hairy.

Sounds like downloading Mauve is your best bet.  It works fine with gcj.


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