Set lt_cv_deplibs_check_method to pass_all for sh-linux-gnu (Was [PATCH/RFA] Java: DWARF2 exception on sh-linux)

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Dec 5 12:12:00 GMT 2002

On Dec  5, 2002, kaz Kojima <> wrote:

> The attached patch does it for sh-linux-gnu and sh[34]-linux-gnu only.
> I guess it's better for the time being.
> Ok for 3.4-BIB?

Hmm...  Since libtool CVS mainline has sh*, I suppose we could go with
that too, otherwise I'd have to request you to submit this change to
their CVS tree first and get it in there.  Feel free to just add sh*)
to our tree.  If we run into problems on sh64, we can always fix it up

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