Patch (Java): Remove Custom Encoding of Line Numbers for Function Decls Before Emitting Code

Ranjit Mathew
Thu Dec 5 04:35:00 GMT 2002


     The Java front-end uses a custom 16+16 bits encoding
scheme to remember the last and the first line,
respectively, of a function in a single 32-bit number.
and DECL_SOURCE_LINE_LAST in "gcc/java/parse.h".)

The problem is that this encoding is passed as is
to the back end - the stabs debug output generator
for example, emits this as a rather large line number
for the symbol representing the function. This
problem is made apparent when using a newer binutils
(2.13 or later) which complains that the 16-bit stabs
"description" field cannot hold this large value. See
the thread started by this message for more details
and the trail to this solution:

The following patch proposes to reset/sanitise
the line number before the function decl is passed
to the back end:


2002-12-05  Ranjit Mathew <>
             Andrew Haley <>

     * parse.y (source_end_java_method): Remove custom
     encoding of line numbers for a function decl before
     passing it to the back end.

(Andrew was the one who suggested the specific patch and
that's why his name appears above.)
--------------------------- 8< ---------------------------
--- parse.y     Thu Dec  5 17:34:58 2002
+++ parse.y     Thu Dec  5 17:39:10 2002
@@ -7505,4 +7505,6 @@
        expand_function_end (input_filename, lineno, 0);

+      DECL_SOURCE_LINE (fndecl) = DECL_SOURCE_LINE_FIRST (fndecl);
        /* Run the optimizers and output assembler code for this function. */
        rest_of_compilation (fndecl);
--------------------------- 8< ---------------------------

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