Java Patches: -fno-org-xml-sax and -fno-org-w3c-dom

Anthony Green
Sun Dec 1 10:29:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 10:07, Per Bothner wrote:
> That makes sense, though it might make sense to put them in
> a single shared library.

I like these two libraries, because if you don't add them at link time
libgcj will still be able to find them at runtime via Class.forName().

> This is not OK, IMO.  It's a bad precedent.  We can't keep
> adding random flags for specific packages.

Oh - I thought you had recently agreed to something like this on the
java list.

> First, note it's not just linking, but also compiling - i.e.
> controlling which jar(s) that the compiler searches.  By
> default the compiler should search the jars in the extension
> directory.

gcj does search the extension directory.

> Secondly, I think the choice as to which shared library to
> link should parallel which jars are compiled against.  If the
> compilation classpath options causes the standard sax/dom jars
> (in the standard extension directory) to be searched, then the
> linker should link against the standard sax/dom shared library(ies),
> and only then.

Well, what would you propose then?  Newer versions of Xerces (and
Tomcat, Xalan, etc) are unbuildable right now, so I would like to fix
this quickly.  Perhaps the simplest thing is to do what Jeff suggests
and never link these by default.


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