Java Patches: -fno-org-xml-sax and -fno-org-w3c-dom

Anthony Green
Sun Dec 1 10:21:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 09:55, Jeff Sturm wrote:
> Alternatively, if -l-org-xml-sax and -l-org-w3c-dom aren't linked
> automatically, existing binaries are unaffected and no front-end changes
> are required.  Those who need the libraries can just add the linker flags
> (or use xerces)

This goes against one of our unwritten rules, which is that JDK-like
behaviour should not require extra flags.  Is it time to revisit this?
And then what would be the next libraries we'd want to pull out?  AWT? 
Where would we stop?   We don't want to make this difficult to use.

> In any case I think breaking org.xml and org.w3c out of is a
> great idea.
> > + org/xml/sax/helpers/ \
> BTW this class doesn't appear to be in the tree.

Sorry! This patch builds onto my org.xml.sax refresher patch, which is
awaiting approval...


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