Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Gerald Pfeifer
Sun Nov 10 10:35:00 GMT 2002

On 9 Nov 2002, Tom Tromey wrote:
> I'd like to automate the libgcj/Classpath comparison.
> However, I'm a bit leery of having some automatic job checking stuff
> in to cvs; doubly so since it is most convenient for me to run the
> comparison program as a generic test user here.  Suggestions?

Some thoughts:  First of all, would you mind moving the actual script
to wwwdocs/bin (AFAICs it currently resides in wwwdocs/htdocs where we
only ought to have documents).

Second, in my experience improving automation gradually has worked out
quite well.

In this case, I'd suggest to start with a nightly cronjob that automatically
performs the comparison and generates a new HTML page. If and only if
the contents of the new pages differs from the previous one, you receive
an e-mail with the patch (and a properly generated ChangeLog entry).

Gerald "Jerry"

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