TCP sockets

Tom Tromey
Fri Sep 6 09:58:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Koch <> writes:

Michael> If there are portability issues I would like to fix them
Michael> after commit as they are reported.

I think the use of poll.h will be a problem.
Could you use _Jv_select here instead?

Some nits follow.

+    // sending urgend data.

Typo; should be 'urgent'.

+  protected native void connect (SocketAddress addr, int timeout) throws IOException;

This line probably needs to be wrapped before the `throws'.
Except in special situations, lines shouldn't be longer than 79 chars.

+java::net::PlainSocketImpl::connect (java::net::SocketAddress *addr, jint timeout)

Likewise, wrap before `jint'.


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