java/5794: gcj fails to verify .class file generated by Sun JDK 1.4 compiler

Andrew Haley
Thu Sep 5 06:27:00 GMT 2002

Tom Tromey writes:
 > >>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse Rosenstock <> writes:
 > Jesse> pr=5794
 > Jesse> This problem bit me yesterday, and I want to compile something
 > Jesse> I don't have the source for, so I investigated it.
 > Thanks!  I've also been bitten by this problem recently, and it was on
 > my list to fix in the next few weeks.
 > Jesse> As previously discussed, I commented out the check that the
 > Jesse> exception handler target is outside of the range of the code
 > Jesse> the exception handler is for.  This is not dangerous, the worst
 > Jesse> it could cause is an infinite loop.
 > Also see Andrew's pending patch to turn this into a warning.  I think
 > his approach makes sense, since it is unlikely that such bytecode has
 > a useful meaning.

I checked that patch in.  IMO it probably qualifies under the
"obvious" rule anyway, and it fixes a long standing bug.


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