PATCH libjava: Enable bytecode interpreter for sparc*-*

Tom Tromey
Wed Jul 24 09:40:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Sturm <> writes:

Jeff> Patch includes two ffi-related fixes, one needed for sparc64, the
Jeff> other for both.  Both have to do with big endianness.

Jeff> FAIL: Array_3 execution - gij test

That's interesting.  Array_3 started failing in the bytecode->object
compilation for me.

Jeff> I'll look at these failures once I muster the courage to debug
Jeff> the interpreter again (but they aren't regressions, since they
Jeff> weren't tested before, right?)

Yeah, I guess that's true, in a weird way.

Jeff> 	* (sparc*-*): Enable libgcj_interpreter.
Jeff> 	* (_Jv_InterpMethod::run_normal): Pass cif to run.
Jeff> 	(_Jv_InterpMethod::run_synch_object): Likewise.
Jeff> 	(_Jv_InterpMethod::run_synch_class): Likewise.
Jeff> 	(_Jv_InterpMethod::run): Receive cif from caller.
Jeff> 	(perform_invoke): Create union type for rvalue.
Jeff> 	(insn_ireturn): Use narrowing conversions on pointer type.
Jeff> 	* include/java-interp.h (_Jv_InterpMethod::run):
Jeff> 	Declare cif argument.

Ok, thanks.


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