Java: add Class protection domain field

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Mar 21 16:05:00 GMT 2001

Per Bothner wrote:

> would it make sense to "inline" the idt field into
> Class?  I.e. change its type from (union _Jv_IDispatchTable*) to
> plain (union _Jv_IDispatchTable)?  That saves one pointer indirection on
> each use of the table.  It should perhaps also be moved earlier
> in the class object, so it is more likely it can be address by a small
> offset.  (Most of the fields of a Class are only used for "reflection";
> the idt field is used for "real" computation.)

Yes, absolutely. Additionally, this is a step towards being able to
generate an inlined interface method lookup - as it stands the compiler
doesn't know the structure of the interface tables. I'll need to study how
to implement the union type in the compiler if I am to do this though ;-)


  [ bryce ]

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