Java: Don't mangle "$" characters in identifier names

Bryce McKinlay
Mon Mar 12 12:06:00 GMT 2001

Tom Tromey wrote:

> Bryce> This patch changes GCJ to not do this mangling, matching the
> Bryce> behaviour of C++. If the C++ compiler is correct here, and "$"
> Bryce> should never be mangled, then the $ code should be removed
> Bryce> entirely from GCJ. Can anyone comment on this?
> NO_DOLLAR_IN_LABEL means that the assembler can't accept $ in a
> label.  If the C++ compiler ignores this then I imagine it will simply
> fail to work on such platforms.

Yeah, but why is NO_DOLLAR_IN_LABEL defined for linux? Obviously, it works
fine with the GNU assembler.

> I think updating the C++ compiler is the right approach.

I agree. I have pending libjava changes which depend on this working.


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