Patch: support non-libffi enabled platforms

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Feb 15 09:16:00 GMT 2001

On Feb 15, 2001, "Anthony Green" <> wrote:

> Tom wrote: 
>> However, couldn't we somehow ask libffi whether it should be used?
>> That way we only need to do the configure hacking in a single place.
>> Ideally libffi could tell us (1) if it works on the platform and (2)
>> if the closure code is supported on the platform.

> What do you think the best way of doing this is?

Have libffi never fail to configure.  If it's to target an unsupported
platform, just create a libffi-config.h that says it's unsupported.
If it's on a supported target, have libffi-config.h tell whether
closure code is supported or not.  Then, have configure tests that
#include libffi-config.h and decide whether to not use it at all, to
use it in a limited form or to use all of it.

If we went ahead and created an empty library for libffi even on
unsupported platforms, we wouldn't even need configure tests; it'd be
enough to arrange for all of libffi users to #include libffi-config.h
and disable the usage of features according to the macros defined
there.  However, it might be better to have configure tests anyway; it
probably doesn't make sense to build a non-functional interpreter in
case libffi is totally unsupported.

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